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Understanding Cannabis should be simple. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Author Rob “Doc Rob” Streisfeld, NMD                    http://www.DocRob.com

“The Cannabis Conundrum” addresses a wide range of Cannabis-related topics, bringing together a diverse collection of insightful and informative authors to share their personal experiences, perspectives and expertise.

Thought provoking and educational, “The Cannabis Conundrum” provides a platform for opinions and information sharing, helping to demystify and elevate our social awareness and appreciation for this amazing plant.

Whether you’re hoping to expand your understanding, looking to invest into the industry, searching for a potential medical solution, concerned about sustainability as the industry grows, or passionate about the many uses for hemp… this book is for you.


Denise A. Pollicella, ESQ. Founder and Managing Partner, Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan

Michael Leago & William Osler Abbott,
Co-founders - International Hemp Exchange (iHempx)

Erin Phillips, Strainwise, President and CEO

Rick Trojan, III, Hemp Road Trip

David Cunic, PT

Anonymous Consumer Advocate

Lawrence Schnurmacher, Phyto Partners

Heidi Parikh, Founder and
Executive Director My Compassion 501c3

D. Jacob Mitchell, Sustainabis

With additional quotes provided by:

Kenny Morrison - Branded Products Pioneer behind Venice Cookie Company and Cannabis Quencher, and CEO of VCC Brands

Bill Arnold - Cannoid, LLC

Mara Gordon - Founder Aunt Zelda’s™, Zelda Therapeutics, The Oil Plant, Calla Spring Wellness

Summer Star Haeske - Co-Founder, EnviroTextiles LLC

Gerran Bettison-Clark - Imperial Hemp Company, CEO

Michael Christopher - Chief Mood Officer & Co-Founder, mood33 Cannabis Infused Sparkling Tonics

Andrew Young - Project Coordinator at Harvest Inc.

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